Thank you Conference Blood Donors


The 30th Anniversary F.A.C.E. Conference was filled with great class sessions, speakers, fun, past presidents, photos and new faces.  It was a well-planned event that went off without a hitch.  Stand by for the next five years to see what happens in your education and profession to celebrate in 2024. 

One thing we did at this year’s conference that we have not done in the past was host a blood drive.  It was a busy week for OneBlood of Orlando because it was Pulse week.  Instead of having a Big Red Bus, we had the Little Red Bus that was made available to us at the last minute.  We were grateful that they called and offered it us instead of someone else.

We had to guarantee 10 people for them to come to the site.  They set up right at the hotel for us, so it was very convenient. 

I would like to thank the 10 attendees that did sign up for the event.  Some were not able to donate for different reasons while going through the process, but they were happy with the ones that were able to donate.  Every pint of blood is a pint they did not have before that.  And blood is always in need.

There has been some discussion on continuing this event as a way for F.A.C.E. to give back to the communities we hold the conferences in.  So, watch for more information during the year and you might have an opportunity to donate in Cape Coral for the 31st conference.

Thanks, Donna Wisniewski

Past President & Conference Committee Member

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