The mission of the Florida Association of Code Enforcement is to promote and advance the practice of code enforcement through education and certification; to further the interests of the profession through advocacy; and to promote networking, fellowship, and understanding among our members.

F.A.C.E. Needs You!!

Each year the F.A.C.E. Board of Directors selects committee members to help carry out the duties of the Board. Serving on a committee is a great way to get involved and help serve your fellow F.A.C.E. members. 

  • The 1st Vice President chairs the Program Committee, and their primary role...
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2021 Legislative Summary

Thank you to Peebles, Smith & Matthews for providing this 2021 Legislative Summary on issues affecting members of the Florida Association of Code Enforcement.

County and Municipal Code Enforcement - Awaiting Action by the Governor
SB 60 by Senator Bradley and HB 883 by Representative Overdorf