Members Assistance Requested

The Florida Association of Code Enforcement’s Legislative Committee is surveying all the Florida jurisdictions regarding how many code officers they employ, whether they are certified, whether certification is required, and how many from the jurisdiction are members of FACE. Once compiled, this data will be used to help our lobbyist in Tallahassee seek state recognition of our education and training programs.

Please email Sam Sullivan at with your response.

The more data we amass, the stronger our argument will be in Tallahassee.
Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.

1.  Name of Jurisdiction
2.  Code Enforcement Positions Budgeted
3.  Code Enforcement Positions Filled
4.  Number of F.A.C.E. members
5.  Is certification required for employment?
6.  If certification is not required, are code enforcement officers F.A.C.E. certified?
7.  If yes to the above question, how many are certified?

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