Important FAQ’s regarding FACE Training

***Important FAQ's regarding FACE Training***

While the FACE Board is allowing in-person training again, it will be a slow and gradual process to rebuild the certification training calendar due to COVID-19.

Where can I see and register for classes?

  • Registration will be very limited initially because FACE is prioritizing the people who need the certification as a job requirement, and those who were registered last year but the class was cancelled due to COVID. 
  • Any open classes will be announced privately to those who were registered last year but then the class was cancelled due to COVID. 
  • IF SEATS ARE AVAILABLE, the classes will be posted on each partner university IOG website (FAU/FSU/UCF/USF).  
  • Please do not call or email the university IOG's, or FACE Member Support, to make inquiries about training, as that only slows their work in rebuilding the training schedule.  If your course was cancelled, they will notify you when training is scheduled and available in your area.   

Why aren't there more certification classes to sign up for?

  • Due to COVID, we still have limitations in finding spaces that accommodate large groups while also maintaining safety distancing requirements (many municipal buildings are still closed to the public). 
  • Some FACE trainers are unable to travel due to COVID, and understandably, some are not willing to teach a large group during the pandemic, so we have restrictions there as well. 
  • General registration is limited because FACE is giving priority seating to the people who need the certification as a job requirement, and those who were registered last year but the class was cancelled due to COVID. 

Why can't FACE just move certification training online to Zoom, like other webinars?

  • We are working to move content online.  Significant changes must be made when transitioning from in-person to virtual learning, especially for a week-long program.  Science proves that our brains cannot learn in a week-long Zoom course the way we can sit and learn in a week-long in-person class.  
  • The courses needed substantial content revisions, so we are using this time to update and improve the content and course materials. 
  • FACE has partnered with the University of Central Florida Institute of Government to update the Fundamentals certification first.  We want to ensure the online version is still engaging and high impact.
  • This requires a big-time commitment from a volunteer committee of code enforcement officers (who are very busy with their full-time jobs, plus COVID demands!).  We are working as quickly as we can. 
  • We hope to offer Fundamentals online this Spring 2021. 

What if my agency/employer requires certification for employment?

  • FACE's COVID-19 Executive Order requests that employers grant temporary exceptions to this requirement due to the pandemic. 

Why are the certification and exam fees increasing?

  • FACE is a non-profit entity but must still reevaluate costs and programs to ensure we are fiscally sustainable. 
  • FACE has not increased the training rates and exam fees in several years.  However, fees for instructors, travel, equipment, printing, administration, etc. have all increased.  The costs to move certifications to online platforms is also a new, but worthwhile, expense.
  • FACE's programs are high-quality, yet our fees are still far less than many other professional memberships and professional certification programs. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all navigate this new normal due to the pandemic.  Together we will rebuild our training programs to ensure Florida has some of the best-educated code officers in the nation! 

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