Officer Safety and Field Applications

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Officer Safety and Field Applications includes:

Defensive Tactics with Practical Applications

This course offers classroom and hands-on training for the Code Enforcement Officer’s personal safety. You will learn strike and pressure points, proper blocking and striking, weapon defense, takedown, ground fighting, and escape techniques.

Note: This course has a physical element. Participants must complete a Liability Waiver in order to participate. You are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing such as track or gym pants and tennis shoes. This session is required for the Officer Safety Certification.

The content of this session should be regularly practiced. A special DVD has been created to reinforce the information taught in this session. The instructors will sell the DVD on-site the day of class for $45.00. Neither F.A.C.E. nor the Institute of Government will accept payment for the DVD nor is the content required material for the Certification Exam.

Interpersonal Skills Training Part I: Conflict, Courtesy, Human Behavior, and Diversity

Learn skills to better stabilize threatening situations including: how to demonstrate courtesy and respect during times of conflict; understanding of basic individual needs; dealing with the complexities of a diverse population.

Note: The diversity segment of this course will be continued into the next day. 

Interpersonal Skills Training Part II:
Persons with Special Concerns, Substance Abuse, and Officer Survival

This session will continue the diversity training from Session Two.  You will learn to interact with special needs citizens, recognize physical signs of persons under the influence of drugs, and gain the skills necessary to remain alert and aware of your environment to ensure safety while on the job.

Field Safety and Survival

Learn the basic skills to handle an aggressive animal; how to identify and properly handle situations involving hazardous materials; techniques such as stance and demeanor to remain in control and avoid unnecessarily confrontational situations.

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