Administrative Aspects of Code Enforcement

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Administrative Aspects of Code Enforcement includes:


THE MANAGER'S ROLE IN CODE ENFORCEMENT:  Learn Strategic Planning, Visioning, Organization, Standard Operating Procedures, Budgeting, and Technology with this course. (8 hours - NEW 2013)

MEDIA AND PUBLIC RELATIONS: When dealing with the media and the public, learn to put your best foot forward -- instead of putting it in your mouth. Be proactive. Give effective interviews by developing a media strategy that will present Code Enforcement to the public positively. (4 hours - Revised 2013)

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: Establish a year-round cycle of performance management which includes developing and sharing with employees realistic job performance standards, conducting quarterly and yearly performance appraisals,, and using appropriate coaching and counseling techniques. (4 hours)

EMPLOYMENT LAWS: Implement sound, legal, and effective employment policies based on federal and state mandates, paying particular attention to dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace, using appropriate interviewing techniques, and general requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. (4 hours - New 2013)

PUBLIC SPEAKING: Give presentations like a pro -- in front of 2 or 200 people -- using proven techniques to enhance professional style and get points across. (8 hours)

RECORDS MANAGEMENT IN CODE ENFORCEMENT: Review the best ways to keep the Code Enforcement office data using State approved records management systems and complying with Florida's public records law. (4 hours - UPDATED 2013)

STRESS MANAGEMENT: Control stress and avoid burn-out by learning to recognize and manage the hidden and not-so-hidden stress in life. (4 hours)

TIME MANAGEMENT: Manage time effectively by using principles of time management, recognizing and controlling time wasters, and delegating appropriately. (4 hours)

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