Recertification/Continuing Education

In order to remain certified, a Code Enforcement Officer must pay the F.A.C.E. Annual fee of $50.00 for active members, $40.00 for associate members, and $140.00 for non-members and attend 16 hours of continuing education classes during every two year period after their certification. You must also provide PROOF OF ATTENDANCE (a certificate of Completion or a sign in sheet) for each event to F. A. C. E. every two years.  It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that your dues are paid and your training hours are provided.  Do not rely on anyone else to do this for you!

Any certification class (Fundamentals, Administrative Aspects, Legal Issues, or Officer Safety & Field Applications) which is not a repeat of a class already taken, counts for continuing education hours. Hours may also be earned at the annual F.A.C.E. Training Conference and there are also many stand-alone courses that have been approved by the Certification Committee for continuing education hours. ***Effective January 1, 2016 no person may attend F.A.C.E. training courses or take an exam if approved payment hasn't been made prior to the start of the class or exam.***


  • If you were due July 1, 2020 or January 1, 2021: Your grace period has expired and your certifications have expired.
  • If you were due July 1, 2021: Your initial grace period ended 12/31/21. If you only held one certification, it has expired. If you hold multiple certifications, you have until 6/30/22 to remit the missing items to retain your remaining certification(s).
  • If you were due 1/1/22: Your grace period ends 6/31/22. Late submissions will incur a $75.00 Late Recertification Fee.

Please visit Log in to your personal account and click the “Recertification Status” tab on the Menu Bar. The screen that appears will indicate what needs to be paid/completed to bring you into compliance. Proof of attendance may be sent via fax, e-mail, or snail mail to Susan Pruchnicki at the UCF-IOG. All Annual fees are payable online with a valid credit card, OR you may request an invoice. Click “Renew Membership” to register for and pay any back/late Annual Fees due. Checks or money orders are payable to F. A. C. E. Mail to the UCF-IOG office, 12443 Research Parkway, Suite 402, Orlando, FL 32826-3282.

Please contact Susan Pruchnicki at the UCF-IOG, or 407.882.3960 if you are unable to access your online records.

Recertification Training Hours

There are many options available that qualify, including but not limited to:

  • Attend a different certification course
  • Attend the Annual Training Conference (offered in June of each year, this moves around the state to accommodate local members as often as possible)
  • Attend Chapter Meetings
  • Relative in-house training offered by your employer
  • Approved online courses (FEMA, SERT, ICC, etc.)
  • Basic trainings such as First Aid/CPR/AED/Bloodborne Pathogens, Parking Enforcement, Stormwater, OSHA, DBPR*, Sea Turtle Lighting, Diversity, Ethics, Business Writing, Supervisory Skills, etc.

NOT ACCEPTED:  College Credit courses, Law Enforcement training, and Real Estate training are NOT accepted for continuing education hours.

To have a NEW course approved for continuing education hours, please contact the Institute of Government at (407) 882-3960 or download and send the Approval Request Form, along with the required documentation, to the University of Central Florida, 12443 Research Pkwy., Ste. 402, Orlando, FL 32826-3282. The form and required documentation may also be faxed to (407) 882-3968 or emailed to

To submit courses you have completed for continuing education credit, please submit the Approval Request Form, along with the required documentation, before the deadline to the Institute of Government at the University of Central Florida, 12443 Research Pkwy., Ste. 402, Orlando, FL 32826-3282. The form and required documentation may also be faxed to (407) 882-3968 or emailed to Also be sure to check the Members Portal to ensure your annual fee is paid before the due date to avoid late fees.

***NEW 2017 Online Training Guidelines***

On-line offerings will still need to be approved as relevant to the profession, but the requirements for a test or certificate to be given as proof of attendance is no longer the only option to verify attendance. You will now be able to submit an affidavit of attendance as an alternate means of proof, affirming that you participated in the training. Please download the Online Training Affidavit. You will need to submit this if there is no other proof of attendance for the programs you attend. No credit will be given for programs that are less than one hour in length.

It is important to clarify that the affidavit is NOT a replacement for the way things have always been done. On-line courses still need to follow the same process in place for in-person classes. First and foremost each course needs to be approved with the submittal of a “Request for Continuing Education Hours Form” and once approved, if the on-line course has a test and/or offers a certification of completion that is what needs to be submitted for credit hours. If an approved course has some other means of guaranteeing attendance, such as visual monitoring, that too would be sufficient. If all the above is not available then, as a last resort, you may file an affidavit of attendance with the understanding that a signed affidavit is a sworn statement and should be treated as such.

If you fail to meet the required deadline for payment of your annual fee and submission of your continuing education hours, please review the Recertification Policy for information on how to become recertified.

For any questions regarding your certification or continuing education please contact Susan Pruchnicki at the Institute of Government at the University of Central Florida at (407) 882-3960.