The Legislative and Judicial Review Committee

A special thanks to our

2019-2020 Legislative & Judicial Review

Committee Members

  • R. Sam Sullivan,  Sergeant-At-Arms
  • Steven Hunnicutt,  City of Davenport
  • Ana Reichert,  Walton County
  • Steve Shifley,  City of Haines City

A message from the Chair...

I would like to thank the numerous members who applied to serve on the Legislative and Judicial Review Committee this year. In all my years on the Board of Directors, I do not recall receiving so much interest in a committee I chaired. I wanted to appoint every applicant to the committee, but budget restraints prohibited me from doing so.

The committee will meet in late August to meld strategies devised with the lobbyist and the direction from the board’s Strategic Plan for the year. Later this year, during one of the session’s interim committee weeks, your committee will walk the halls of the Capitol and educate our legislators about code enforcement. We will also employ new and old tactics to get the word out about us to our elected officials. This will be the foundation upon which our future legislative successes will be built.

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, issues, etc. of which I can be of assistance, please contact me via email at or phone at 352.334.0172.  Thank you, R. Sam Sullivan

The Legislative and Judicial review Committee will meet as necessary and is responsible for the review of state statutes and of ordinances throughout the State of Florida which pertain to Code Enforcement. Their ultimate responsibility lies in finding the most efficient and effective laws in place and working toward the establishment of these laws on a statewide basis. This Committee shall also propose amendments to the By-Laws for transmission to the Board of Directors.  This committee is headed by the F.A.C.E. Sergeant-At-Arms.  For questions or information please email at