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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The F.A.C.E. Board of Directors and our partners at the Institute of Government/University of Central Florida continue to monitor Coronavirus (COVID-19). In three short months the Board of Directors and Committees assessed our position, addressed issues and implemented change to ensure the Foundation for the Future is secure.  The Board began holding virtual meetings to address all the issues affecting our organization and members. As a result we held the first ever virtual conference which was a resounding success.  This experiences has opened a path for us to hold both in-person and virtual training opportunities in the future.

The Board and IOG staff have been receiving inquiries about when face to face presentation of certification courses will begin again. During the July 21, 2020 Board Meeting this topic was presented and discussed at length. The overall opinion is that with more than 10,000 new cases in Florida daily, provisions of the Emergency Declaration and Orders must remain in place.  By Consensus of the Board, it was determined we do not support face to face learning at this time.  In late August a request to hold a Chapter Annual Training face to face utilizing recommended safety measures was received. Although cases appear to be reluctantly receding, there are communities delaying entering into Phase 2 and some Phase 2 communities are pulling back to phase 1, particularly during the tentative re-opening of schools and universities. We remain in accord, we cannot support face to face learning at this time. This item will remain on each Board Meeting Agenda until it is determined safe to return to the classroom. In the meantime, members needing continuing education hours can take advantage of online opportunities by visiting http://face-online.org/education/webinars for more information.  We encourage each Chapter to investigate virtual platforms that integrate attendance tracking for CEH Training. Please continue to check our home page for updates on the status of in-person learning.  Thank you for all that you do to serve your communities.  Stay Safe and Well!

The Florida Association of Code Enforcement, Inc. (F. A. C. E.) is a non-profit member-driven organization, established in 1989, and currently serves almost 2,200 Members. Our members include professionals involved in the enforcement of health, safety, and environmental regulations or otherwise responsible for the enforcement of municipal, county, regional, state, or federal codes in the State of Florida.


The Florida Association of Code Enforcement is the premier organization devoted to providing exceptional, cutting-edge training for the advancement of code enforcement.  We are dedicated to promoting the safety, personal awareness, education, and recognition of code enforcement personnel throughout the state.


We value professionalism. We believe in maintaining professionalism at all times. We perform our duties without bias and with a commitment to our organization, communities, and profession.

We value our communities.  We believe in providing the highest level of public service ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of communities throughout the state.

We value accountability. We believe in the careful stewardship of our educational, human, and fiscal resources. We conduct business with full transparency and responsiveness to the membership and the public.

We value ethical practices. We believe ethical practices include honesty, integrity and respect. By adhering to these practices, we instill confidence and trust in the organization, and in our members.

We value diversity. We believe in sharing all ideas, thoughts, and cultures by working together in harmony to achieve our common goals and objectives.


The mission of the Florida Association of Code Enforcement is to promote and advance the practice of code enforcement through education and certification; to further the interests of the profession through advocacy; and to promote networking, understanding, and fellowship among our members.


MEMBERSHIP:  To increase the value of membership in F.A.C.E. and attract, retain, and involve members.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING:  To provide an exemplary education and certification program for code enforcement officers in Florida.

TECHNOLOGY:  To continue to embrace technologies to advance the effectiveness and efficiency of the Florida Association of Code Enforcement.

FISCAL:  To continue to ensure the Florida Association of Code Enforcement’s fiscal integrity and sustainability with transparency to the membership.

IMAGE AND RELATIONSHIPS:  To maintain a positive image and professional relationships with all our stakeholders.

WELL FUNCTIONING BOARD:  To maintain a well functioning Board with effective policies, open dialogue of diverse ideas, and active participation by all the members.

ADVOCACY:  To continue to take an active role in legislative matters and other actions that promote the organization and the profession of code enforcement.

In keeping with our goals, F.A.C.E. has developed an educational curriculum for certification of code enforcement personnel. Our members have determined there is a need for state recognition of the code enforcement profession, and the role we collectively play in protecting, preserving, and promoting the quality of life in the State of Florida.  The certifications offered are not a license or requirement of the state, however approximately 75% of code enforcement agencies (city, county, and private) require at least one of the four certifications be earned and maintained by employees.  Once certified, F. A. C. E. requires recertification in the form of 16 hours of relevant continuing education every two years.  Detailed information on this program and requirements is published on this website, http://face-online.org under the Education Tab.

A full version of the FACE Strategic Plan 2018 Report is available for viewing.

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