Proclamation for Code Enforcement Officer's Appreciation Week

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WHEREAS, Code Enforcement Officers provide for the safety, health and welfare of the citizens in this community through the enforcement of building, zoning, housing, animal control, fire safety, environmental and other codes and ordinances; and

WHEREAS, Code Enforcement Officers are responsible for improving neighborhood and the quality of lives of the residents in and community; and

WHEREAS, every day, assisted by support and program staff, they attempt to provide quality customer service to the public for the betterment of the community; and

WHEREAS, too many times their efforts go unnoticed, even after code compliance has been accomplished due to their efforts and expertise; and

WHEREAS, Code Enforcement Officers are dedicated, well trained, and highly responsible individuals who take their jobs seriously and are proud of their department and the local government within which they serve; and

WHEREAS, the Florida Association of Code Enforcement (F.A.C.E.) has declared the first week of June be set aside by local government to honor and recognize their Code Enforcement Officers;

NOW THEREFORE, through the authority vested in me by the Council of the ___________________________, Florida,

I do hereby proclaim the week of June 5 – 9, 2023 as CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS’ APPRECIATION WEEK

in the _____________________, Florida, in accordance with the statewide observance of the same and encourage citizens of _____________________ to join this Council in expressing appreciation for the dedication and outstanding service provided by the individuals who serve as our Code Enforcement Officers.

Duly proclaimed and adopted in regular session this ________ day of ________A.D. 2023.

BOARD OF CITY COUNCIL of _________________________, FLORIDA

by: __________________