Code Enforcement Officer Safety Foundation

F.A.C.E was very excited to have the Code Enforcement Officer Safety Foundation (C.E.O.S.F.) attend the 2022 Conference to share information with our members about their mission and programs. The C.E.O.S.F. was founded in 2020 as the first national organization dedicated to advancing the safety of code enforcement officers. They include code enforcement officers, fire inspectors, building inspectors, housing inspectors, health inspectors and anyone who enforces county or municipal codes, state laws, housing laws, fire code, and others. They have been recognized as a supporting organization of the International Code Council (ICC).

The C.E.O.S.F. has launched a comprehensive website at where you can find information and resources for best practices, training, safety equipment and more. They are also dedicated to collecting information on threats and violent actions committed against code enforcement officers relating to their work. Incidents can cover a wide range of information from verbal threats, assault, stalking, attempted murder, and any actions up to murder.  The information gathered will be a valuable tool to positively impact policies, ordinances and legislation that promote code enforcement officer safety.

If you have been threatened or had a violent action taken against you, even if that incident was years ago, please visit for more information on reporting this incident.