Using The “Communities” Discussion Forum

Step 1: Agree to the Social Media use Policy Agreement to Receive Access

a. Under Member Resources menu, click on "Social Media Use Policy Agreement"

b. Read the agreement and select Yes at the bottom.  Then, click Save.

* Please Note: By default, the automated system may take up to 24 hours to allow a user access to the Member Forum.  However, this is a one-time process!

Step 2: Accessing Communities

 When access has been granted, your Communities menu will display two new options:

- Community List: A list of all communities that you have access to
- Subscriptions: A list of all topics and discussions that you have manually subscribed to

Click on "Community List."  You will be taken to a page that lists the communities that you have access to.  Most members will only have access to one community – “Member Forum”.


Step 3: Joining The Conversation


To view the discussion sections, click on the "Discussions" menu.  


Here, you can select from multiple topic sections that pertain to your question or interests.


When entering a discussion section, you may:

- Create your own discussion topic by clicking Create New Topic. 
- View existing discussion topics.  To view a full existing topic and all replies to that topic, click on the title of the topic.


To reply to a topic, be sure to enter the topic or click the reply button.  Then, enter your own message and click "Save" at the bottom.   You can also attach files and photos to your responses.

Step 4: Subscribing To Topics & Discussion Forums

Subscribe to a Discussion Section or an individual Discussion Topic to receive email notifications for responses.  To unsubscribe, simply return to the Section or Topic and click Unsubscribe in the same place.   You can also view and manage your subscriptions from the main Communities menu in the main navigation.