Agency Administrator: How to Pay Your Agency’s Membership Dues

Are you making your payment individually?  Click here for instructions!

Step 1: Verify Your Agency’s Roster

Note: Any agencies that have previously verified their roster and received a confirmation from IOG-FSU staff may proceed to Step 2 - your agency has already been billed!

To verify your agency’s roster, please log into your administrative account and click your name on the top of the page.   Then, click the name of your agency on your profile.

To add or remove anyone from your agency, please email [email protected].  Please provide a name, title, and email address for any new hires.

When your agency has been verified, please email [email protected] to let us know you are ready to pay your dues.  Please also confirm whether your agency's dues should be billed to your agency or whether your members are required to pay their own dues individually.

Visual representation of the steps to view an account and the agency roster.

Visual instructions on where to find the export button.

Step 2: Downloading Your Invoice & Statement

On your agency's page, click the View Statement button to download your statement. 

To download the itemized invoice, click the Transactions tab followed by the invoice number.

Screenshot illustrating how to view and download an invoice


Then, click Export PDF on the top left to download the statement or invoice as a PDF.


Visual Represenation of how to Export Statement PDF



Step 3: Paying Membership Dues - By Check

Paying By Check:  Please use the Statement or Invoice received in step 2.

NOTICE: Please be sure to update our address in your billing program! All checks should now be made out to:
Florida Association of Code Enforcement
3200 Commonwealth Blvd. Suite 7
Tallahassee, FL 32303

Step 3: Paying Membership Dues - by Credit Card

Paying by Credit Card:  Please log into your administrative account and click your name on the top of the page.  On your profile, you will see a notice that your agency has outstanding renewal fees. Click on the agency name to proceed to the billing screen.  If this notice does not appear, please contact [email protected] so our team can review your agency's billing.

Visual instructions to locate the outstanding fees alert box.


Review your roster one more time for accuracy, then click Renew Now.


Vistual instructions to find the Renew Now button.

The next screen will allow you to review your members’ invoices and choose which to renew at this time.  Uncheck a member to pay their fee later, or click cancel to permanently remove them from your roster.  When complete, click on Proceed to Checkout.

Visual instructions for selecting which members to pay for.


On the final screen, please review your invoice total in your cart.  Ensure the “Bill To” field is set to your agency’s name or yourself, whichever is appropriate.   If you are unsure, we suggest setting the billing to the agency so that other members of your organization can view and retrieve record of the transaction.

If your billing address is incorrect or unpopulated, please add your address FIRST - the system may reset this page if you change the billing address after filling out your card information. 

When you are finished, submit your order.

Visual instructions to complete payment on the final screen.