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Interested in becoming a FACE Trainer?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a F.A.C.E. Trainer? Do you like to present? Do you want to enhance your skills & career opportunities? Are you certified in at least one F.A.C.E. level? 

If you have met the prerequisites and would like to become an Assistant Trainer, please complete the application below and submit it, along with any accompanying documents, to [email protected].

Download Trainer Application Form (PDF)  (Right Click > Save Link As)

F.A.C.E. Trainer Mentoring Program Overview

There are three levels of F.A.C.E. Training:

  • A.T. – Assistant Trainer – A trainer who has been approved through the trainer application process and is assisting Mentoring Trainer(s) as they facilitate F.A.C.E. courses.
  • C.T. – Certified Trainer – A trainer who has been evaluated and approved by Mentoring Trainer(s) to facilitate F.A.C.E. courses without assistance.
  • M.T. – Mentoring Trainer – A trainer selected by the F.A.C.E. Education/Certification Committee and approved by the Board of Directors to evaluate and develop Assistant Trainers to become Certified Trainers.


1. Interested F.A.C.E. members submit their applications to the F.A.C.E. Education/Certification Committee where they are reviewed and approved OR additional information is requested.

2. Approved applicants are A.T.s. New A.T.s are contacted by the Mentoring Program Coordinator (M.P.C.) via e-mail with a welcome letter and Trainer Orientation Power Point. The Orientation is designed to familiarize the new A.T. with the trainer portion of the F.A.C.E. website including necessary contact information and training materials. It is also designed to communicate what A.T.s can expect during the mentoring process and what is expected of them. A.T.s work through the M.P.C. to sign up for course blocks that they can commit to being present for. A.T.s are not monetarily compensated by the IOG until they become C.T.s, but are reimbursed for mileage and meals by F.A.C.E. during their A.T. sessions.

3. M.T.s contact the A.T.s they’ve been paired with and are forwarded the A.T.’s trainer application. A.T.s with previous F.A.C.E. Trainer Evaluations shouldforward them to the M.T. The M.T. is responsible for coordinating the course block(s) so that the A.T. can be fully prepared to facilitate his section(s) while maintaining the course integrity.

4. The A.T. should follow all of the Trainer Personal Guidelines while assisting to facilitate each course block.

5. At the end of the session, the A.T. completes a self-evaluation (on the Trainer Evaluation Form) for the M.T. and the M.T. gives verbal feedback to the A.T. Within one week of the training session, the M.T. provides a completed Trainer Evaluation Form to the A.T. and to the Education/Certification Committee by email. Additionally, course attendees’ evaluations are submitted to the Education/Certification Committee by the Institute of Government and are reviewed.

6. Once an A.T. achieves a Trainer Review Form score of at least 80 (this is an average score of 4) with no 1’s or 2’s in any category AND a course attendee evaluation minimum average score of 4 (out of 5) with no 1’s or 2’s in any category for a course in which he facilitated at least 2 hours of the four hour course block, he becomes a C.T., and can facilitate F.A.C.E. courses without assistance.

7. C.T.s are routinely assessed on the pass/fail rate and the comments of the course participants by the Education/Certification Committee Chair. Repeatedly negative comments and assessment scores below an average of 4 are cause for the chairman of the Education/Certification Committee to require that a C.T. return to and successfully complete the Mentoring Program before teaching alone.

8. M.T.s are selected from the C.T. list by the F.A.C.E. Education/Certification Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

Please note: Achieving C.T. status does not guarantee that any C.T. will be hired by a particular Institute of Government.

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