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We believe in helping organizations and their communities evolve and thrive as resources and infrastructure change. Willdan is a leading, nationwide provider of trusted, comprehensive solutions that are supported by our talented team of experts and advanced software applications.

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The Code Enforcement Officers of Palm Beach County holds monthly training at various locations throughout the county. Training is generally approved for F.A.C.E. continuing education and is no additional cost to CEOA members

MCS is a national property services company founded in 1986. Our services include property inspections, property preservation, REO property maintenance, property registrations and other property-related services in all 50 states. The success of MCS is the result of our continuous focus on building long-term relationships with our clients based upon trust and integrity. MCS is trusted by some of the nation’s largest banks, municipalities, insurance companies, property managers and retail companies.

Matt Weidner and the lawyers of Weidner Law practice exclusively in the state and federal courts located within Florida. Any information provided on this website is for general, consumer education alone and no attorney client relationship of any kind is established between any consumer and the law firm unless a formal retainer agreement is executed between the law firm and client.

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Every day at Benchmark we strive to set the standard by which others are measured. Whether providing attractive apartment lifestyles, high traffic retail locations or productive office space, The Benchmark Group is dedicated to providing residents and tenants with quality and value. All of our business relationships are based on the core principles of integrity and respect.

Calvin, Giordano & Associates is a multi-disciplinary community development firm offering a broad range of building department, planning, engineering, and other professional services.

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Deckard Technologies is a real estate data analytics and technology company focused on ensuring regulatory compliance, public safety and community equity.

The Granicus Civic Engagement Platform connects people and government with a unified experience that integrates website, online services, digital communications, and more to serve every resident equally and inclusively. Our platform uses powerful, cloud-based technology to better connect people and government with no- and low-code solutions; unified, intuitive digital experiences; expanded reach to access your community; easy collaboration; and rich resident feedback. Purpose-built for government, our solutions are built with the infrastructure, scale, and security to empower public servant leaders across state, federal, national, and local agencies.

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Harmari was developed by LTAS Technologies to analyze online classifieds, e-commerce and social media sites to identify pages suspected of fraud or criminal activity. Harmari Tools can be used in investigating auto theft, auto fraud, and curbstoning, criminal investigations, insurance fraud, tax scofflaws, and unlicensed businesses. The Harmari Tools save you time when analyzing many classifieds at once, conducting preliminary investigations that are more efficient and more complete than a manual analysis.

Our mission is to build the best technological infrastructure to make the lien search process easy, affordable, and faster. We are constantly building our platform to empower local government and title companies to create a better experience for their customers. We work with both local government and real estate businesses to eliminate any tedious manual labor that involves requesting or obtaining a lien report on a property for a future where automation and Artificial Intelligence will create more convenience.

In 2001, Net Assets Corporation was founded by Rick and David Gates. They designed a solution to provide electronic reporting for municipalities. This effectively eliminated paper and manual systems while also better fulfilling communities' needs. We specialize in providing online reporting and management web applications.

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Salesforce is the #1 CRM, bringing the public sector and customers together in the digital age. The Salesforce Customer 360 for Public Sector is an integrated platform for public services - enabling relationship management, case management, collaboration, integration, analytics, outreach, and modern application development. For more information, please visit https://www.salesforce.com/government.

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When you need to overcome legal obstacles, turn to the lawyers at Crawford, Modica & Holt. We work collaboratively with each other, and with you, to achieve practical solutions in a multitude of areas, including family law, criminal defense, land use and zoning, general, civil, and complex litigation, probate litigation, business, and regulatory matters, real estate, and more.

LPG Urban & Regional Planners, Inc. is committed to providing high-quality cost effective professional services that accomplish the client's vision. We take pride in our ability to work with the client to move each project from a visionary stage to a completed development.


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