Scholarship Contest Entries Due April 1st

Entries are due April 1, 2018 ....

The 29th Annual Florida Association of Code Enforcement (F.A.C.E) Conference is just around the corner and the Board of Directors would like to possibly help facilitate your journey to get there.

Between now and April 1, 2018, F.A.C.E is accepting emailed testimonials from members describing their positive experiences at conferences and how attending helps improve their job performance(s).

If you are selected as the winner, you will receive a half-off voucher for the conference registration in Ft. Lauderdale at the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa from June 19-22.  If you win, the remaining balance of registration will be the responsibility of the individual and/or their jurisdiction. This prize is valued at almost $200, so take a few minutes today and submit your testimonials to win, before it is too late!  YOU COULD BE A WINNER!

All testimonials must be 100 words or less and will be judged on originality, specific value and overall excitement for the conference.  A maximum of one winner per jurisdiction will be awarded, however, there are only a handful of partial scholarships to be awarded, so make your testimonials precise and to the point and let yours shine above all others.

Testimonials will be evaluated by the Board of Directors, and unlike the full conference registration scholarships F.A.C.E. offers annually, these partial scholarships are open to all active members, even if you have been awarded a full scholarship in the past.  The submittal also does not require a letter from your jurisdiction to be eligible.

Please email your testimonials to to possibly win.  All winners will be announced after the May 4, 2018 Board of Directors meeting via email.  Room and travel are not included with these scholarships.

If you would prefer to submit for a full conference registration scholarship, please remember that applications are now available on the F.A.C.E. February InterFace newsletter on page 15 and must be submitted no later than May 3, 2018.

GOOD LUCK and don’t delay, submit today!

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