Officer Case Obituary

Officer Charles Woodfin Case, Jr.

Dear F.A.C.E. Members,

Please see the update below regarding Officer Case. This horror is the latest instance that supports the longtime desire to promote legislation that places Code Enforcement Officers in the Special Risk category where pensions are concerned.

Please share your concerns and this information with your Representative and Senator today. If you don't know what to say, reach out to Sam Sullivan for a bit of a template. 

Cindy L Drake, President

Florida Association of Code Enforcement

Dear AACE Members,

I have had several inquiries about Officer Case. In reading his obituary I discovered even more about this man. He was a man that loved his family and his country deeply. His Aunt, when talking about his 5 deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, talked of how they would worry and pray that he came home safe each time. I think of the things he has done for our country only to be senselessly shot down while doing his job as a code enforcement officer. I am sending a link if you would like to view his obituary.

I have also had inquiries about what we can do to help this officer and his family. The Augusta Code Enforcement Officers have set up a GoFundMe page to benefit his family. He leaves behind a wife and 3 children. A daughter that is entering her first year of college and two sons age 14 and 7. I also ask you to continue to keep his Augusta family and his wife and kids in your thought and prayers.

Please contact any of the board members if you need anything and remember to please STAY SAFE.


Barbara Burlingame, AACE President

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