Nominations Needed for F.A.C.E. Board of Directors

Spring has sprung! Conference is only 10 weeks away! Nominations will be announced soon.

Each year the Florida Association of Code Enforcement elects Officers for six of the eight seats on the Board of Directors. The 2017 Nomination Committee is tasked with searching out candidates for the following seats: First Vice President, Second Vice President, Third Vice President, Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms and Secretary.

Have you served on the Board of your Local Chapter or on a F.A.C.E. committee?  These are both excellent ways to “get your feet wet”.  Maybe you work with or for someone you think would make a good representative.

Now is the time to make every connection matter.  Please contact one of the Nomination Committee members. We can provide more information related to the seats and help you decide which position best suits you.

Cindy Drake, F.A.C.E. Immediate Past President, Nomination Committee Chair, 561-753-2527 or 561-301-8704

Sam Sullivan, F.A.C.E. Past President, 352-334-0172 or 352-213-4799

Michael Titmuss, F.A.C.E. Past President, 239-321-7950 or 239-707-4302

Mark Caskie, F.A.C.E. Past President, 352-754-5885 or 352- 428-9631

Mercedes Carcasses, South FL Association of Code Enforcement Past President, 786-768-4475


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