Message from Safeguard Properties

F.A.C.E. received the below heartfelt message from Safeguard Properties...

Michael and I send our well wishes to you, the FACE Board, FACE members, and all of your colleagues throughout the State.  You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

We want to lend a hand in helping to restore neighborhoods throughout Florida impacted by the devastating effects of Hurricane Irma.  One way is by informing our clients of the specific properties with minor or major damages so that they can proactively reach out to homeowners, work with them to address issues and damages, and comply with both Federal and local regulations.  We are already working with cities in Texas following the destruction from Hurricane Harvey and we hope that we can assist our partners in Florida, as well.  Any information that could be shared regarding addresses and levels of damage will create a proactive start to restoring communities and complimenting the tireless efforts of code enforcement officers.

Please feel free to pass this message along to your Board, members, etc.  Best wishes to all!


Heather Thomas Lazar
Community Relations Liaison
Safeguard Properties
7887 Safeguard Circle
Valley View, OH 44125
O 800-852-8306 x1500
F 216-739-2709
C 216-346-9784



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