LOCAL WORKS, September 6, 2013



F.A.C.E has partnered with the Florida Local Government Coalition



The Florida Association of Code Enforcement is a proud member of the Florida Local Government Coalition. The Coalition, which now has more than 25 local government association partners, was developed to advocate for local governments by educating residents and sharing resources among its members.

 Recently, the Coalition launched a public awareness campaign to help Florida citizens understand, appreciate and support local governments and the services and values these governments bring to millions of lives each day. This public awareness campaign is called ‘Local Works.’ (The name “Local Works” was chosen for its simplicity, and because the term “works” tends to have a public services connotation. It’s also a double entendre that simultaneously promotes the message of Home Rule - local decision making.)

 Local Works Day, to be held September 6, 2013, will be a main component of the public awareness campaign. This is an opportunity for members of the Coalition to engage, educate and interact with their communities by celebrating the trusted services that local governments provide.

 F.A.C.E. plans to participate in Local Works Day by sharing information about the initiative with our membership in hope of promoting public awareness, participation, and appreciation for all the services provided by local government throughout the State of Florida every day.  

 To support our own Local Works Day initiatives, the Coalition created a brief viral video that communicates the value of local services. On September 6, 2013, please be on the lookout for this video and help us spread the word by sharing it with your circles!

 Although this initiative was developed for 2013, we see it as an ongoing effort. Local governments will continue to provide trusted services that millions of Floridians depend on. The hope is that all local government associations and professionals will continue to promote this important initiative throughout the year and beyond.

 Visit floridagovcoalition.com to learn more!

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