The Joseph V. Huskey Award


Joseph V Huskey

Joseph V. Huskey founded The Florida Association of Code Enforcement (F.A.C.E.) in 1989. He was the Association's first President and envisioned an organization that would promote and advance the profession and practice of Code Enforcement in Florida. Mr. Huskey held the office of President during 1990/1991. The following year the Joseph V. Huskey Award was established to recognize a code enforcement officer who exceeded what was expected of him/her. One who went beyond the normal job duties and by doing so helped to continue the advancement of our profession

Each year the Board of Directors requests nominations for candidates to be considered for this award. This prestigious recognition has so far been awarded to twenty code enforcement professionals. Each has been proud to carry on the vision of Mr. Huskey.

Joseph V. Huskey Award Recipients

2017 Mark Rodriguez

2016 Shawn O'Rourke

2015 Pat Uber
2014 Mark Caskie
2013 Karen Matches
2011 Janet Csomos
2009 C. Scott Hair
2008 Hector Garcia
2007 Joe Fenton
2006 Cindy Diemer
2005 R. Brian Rewis
2004 Melissa Capiak
2002 Deborah Leigh
2001 Phyllis Wright
1999 Donna Wisniewski
1998 Rick Wolf
1997 John Marcum
1996 Carl Smart
1995 Herman Santa
1994 Susan Jacobs
1993 Paul Robertson

Robert Hamilton Scholarship

The Robert Hamilton Scholarship is picked each year during the conference and provides a full scholarship, including hotel for one attendee at the next years conference. Previous winners include:

  • Samantha Norris, City of Gainesville for the 2018 Conference
  • Daniel Garcia, City of Daytona Beach for the 2017 Conference
  • John Markee for the 2016 Conference

82nd Airborne Honors All Code Officers

During the 2016 Annual Conference, The South Florida Association of Code Enforcement (S.F.A.C.E.) on behalf of Sergeant Michael Coakley, US Army, a longtime Code Enforcement Officer, presented this American Flag to the Florida Association of Code Enforcement (F.A.C.E.).  This American Flag was flown in the face of the enemy by the Men of 82nd Airborne DIV, Division Special Troops Battalion at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom on September 9th, 2015 in Honor of All Code Officers

Flag FramedFlag Certificate

F.A.C.E. Celebrates Robert L. Hamilton

Click Here to read Bob Hamilton's Retirement Letter to F.A.C.E.

bobRobert L. Hamilton has served as the volunteer general counsel to the Florida Association of Code Enforcement for 26 years.  This year F.A.C.E. celebrated his retirement during the 2016 Conference.  Several long time members who know Bob not only as the F.A.C.E. legal counsel, but also as a friend, spoke about their fondest memories of Bob.   One of those memories was about Bob's refusal to accept payment for his counsel.  Since he refused to accept payment, some of the members tried to give him gifts of appreciation every year.   Bob did not want gifts either.  A compromise was finally reached when Bob requested that in lieu of salary or gifts, a scholarship fund be set up.  The next year The Robert Hamilton Scholarship was born.  Each year during the conference one lucky winner is chosen and is provided a full scholarship, including hotel, at the next years conference.  We will find out at tonight's banquet who this year's recipient will be.

Despite Bob's refusal to accept payment or gifts, the F.A.C.E. Board could not let Bob retire without recognizing all that he has done for our organization.  So in a fitting tribute, F.A.C.E. Adopted a Star from the Orlando Science Center, where Bob has volunteered many hours of his time.  At the conclusion of the retirement celebration, F.A.C.E. offered these words (and a cookie) to Bob:

Bob, F.A.C.E. thanks you for your many years of volunteer service to our members.  Without your expertise, direction, humor and wisdom the many Boards of Directors would not have had as easy a job trying to accomplish all we have done to further the advancement of code enforcement throughout the State of Florida.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and will never forget your guidance and friendship.

From Joe Huskey to Cindy Drake and all of the Presidents in between, we owe some of our successes to you.

We will miss you dearly and hope you stay in touch!

Click here to view Bob's retirement presentation, including an entertaining 1997 newspaper article "Ever Unconventional, Orlando's City Attorney For The Past 25 Years Kept His Promise To Ride His Bike Through City Hall."