Fall Open Enrollment Courses

Fall Open Enrollment Classes are here! You can view courses on the FACE Calendar located at http://face-online.org/calendar/.

You may also visit the websites of our partner universities to see course offerings that may not be listed in the FACE Calendar. If not specifically shown, always check with Susan Pruchnicki at the IOG before registering to make sure the course is approved for FACE credits. Susan Pruchnicki - susan.pruchnicki@ucf.edu – Phone: 407-882-3960

Visit Florida Atlantic University (FAU) at http://fiog.fau.edu/

FAU Fall Brochure http://face-online.org/wp-content/uploads/Fall-Open-Enrollment-@-FAU-1.pdf

Visit Florida State University (FSU) at info@iog.fsu.edu

Visit University of Central Florida (UCF) at https://iog.ucf.edu/

Visit University of South Florida (USF) at http://fiog.usf.edu/events.html

Stay Safe and Keep Training!

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