FACE- do you want high risk retirement?

I hope that you and your families are safe during this current pandemic. Like everyone else, I am looking forward to a return to normalcy. In the meantime, I hope your jurisdictions are allowing you to perform your duties in a safe manner.

If you recall, earlier this year, the Legislative Committee launched a scholarship contest to spur you, the members, to reach out to your legislators about code issues. This would allow us, as an association, to reach out to all the legislators through local code enforcement officers from their respective districts. At first it was to be an in person meeting at their office. The Covid-19 reared its ugly head and it became an e-mail campaign.

Since the current pandemic has mutated our conference into a virtual one, we are extending the deadline of the current campaign until July 15, 2020. All you have to do is e-mail your state representative and/or your state senator and bring up various code enforcement concerns, mention that you are a member of the Florida Association of Code Enforcement, mention your local chapter, and copy the sergeantaa@face-online.org. Simple and critical to building our advocacy foundation in Tallahassee.

If you need any ideas for issues to bring up to your legislators, please refer to the Sergeant At Arms articles in both the February and May issues of InterFACE which can be found here: http://face-online.org/newsletter/

If you have any questions about contacting your legislators or about this scholarship program, email me at sergeantaa@face-online.org.

Thanks. Be safe!

Sam Sullivan

F.A.C.E. Sergeant At Arms


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