F.A.C.E. – ICC Chapter and Preferred Provider

A message from your 2nd Vice President, Jeff Look...

F.A.C.E. recently became a Chapter of the International Code Council (ICC) which affords us benefits with ICC including discounts on ICC material and one complimentary admission to their annual conference.  Additionally we receive a day of training for our members which is being used to provide a 2 part course at the 2017 F.A.C.E. Conference that should prove to be interesting. I encourage all to sign up for it. You can view the benefits of our ICC Chapter Membership in their entirety at the following link: https://www.iccsafe.org/membership/chapters/chapter-benefits/.

Well your Board of Directors has taken that one step further and signed up to become a Preferred Provider with ICC. Being a Preferred Provider allows our members with ICC certification to gain credits toward their certification renewal. F.A.C.E. can now market our excellent classes to any ICC Certified Individual for credit towards renewal. We can also work with other associations to offer high quality education to any field inspectors.

This is great news and just another step in keeping F.A.C.E. the premier association that it has become. Help me in applauding your Directors and the work they do on your behalf.

Jeff Look, 2nd Vice President

Education and Certification Chair

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<Posted 6/05/2017>

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