Congratulations Scholarship Winners

As you may already know from our website, the Board of Directors held a ½ off scholarship contest during the month of March for the upcoming conference in Ft. Lauderdale.

The submittals described how attending a Florida Association of Code Enforcement conference is beneficial to officers across the state.   The 100-word or less testimonials described how the education provided in these conferences and the networking helped job performance.  Many complained that 100 words was just not enough to describe their true positive feelings and their hands–on experiences, but all clearly got their point across very well.

We received submittals from all corners of Florida and proudly presented 18 winners with a voucher that gave them almost $200 off the price of this year’s registration. That is a true effort for their jurisdiction as the initiative to perform, helped save budget money.

The winners of the ½ off scholarships are…

William Teneyck – Kissimmee, Teresa Walsh – Milton, Clifford Recanzone – Daytona Beach, Richard Berni – Davie, Walter Morris – Coral Springs, Dawn Habel – Cape Coral, Michael Notkin – Broward Co., Michael Barther – Baca Raton, David Whitty – Apopka, Marlene Broman – Altamonte, Wilbert Ventura – Orange County, Sabrina Perkins – Palm Bay, Vicki Pratt-Boone – Tampa, Geraldine Fiby – Tavares, Dwayne Johnson – Palm Beach Co., Michelle Forstrom – Fernandina Beach, Zachary Farrell – Port St. Lucie.

Congratulations to all winners, we will see you all in June!

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