Conference Update

Day two of the F.A.C.E. conference brought us four new Board Members for the 2018/2019 year and the opportunity to continue learning.  We were blessed to have the Ft. Lauderdale Pipes and Drums Honor Guard and a beautiful rendition of our National Anthem performed by the talented Artrice Parker.

Attendees also received a Legislative Update and learned about the 4th Amendment, Smart Technologies, Mold/Radon and Medical Marijuana.  The day was topped off with a wonderful hospitality suite hosted by the Gold Coast Association of Code Enforcement (GCACE).

Please join F.A.C.E. in congratulating new Board Members, thanking Artrice Parker for her performance and GCACE for their hospitality!

New 2018/2019 Board Members:

2nd Vice President - Michael Hauserman

3rd Vice President - Lily Ramcharran

Secretary - Dorothy Hird

Treasurer - Michelle Forstrom

This afternoon we vote for two more Board Members, First Vice President and Sergeant-At-Arms.  If you are the delegate casting votes for your jurisdiction read more about the candidates here:

1st Vice President - Cindy Drake

1st Vice President - Susan Stone

Sgt. at Arms - Dwayne Johnson

Sgt. at Arms - Mitch Posner

We hope to see you all at the banquet tonight.  Reception starts at 6pm on the Oceanview Terrace.  Dinner and entertainment will be at 7pm in the Oceanview Ballroom.  See you there!

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