Christine Zien-McCombs – 2018 Joseph V Huskey Officer of the Year

Congratulations to Christine Zien-McCombs of Hillsborough County who received the 2018 Joseph V Huskey Code Officer of the Year award!   Christine was nominated by a fellow code enforcement officer who did not know her personally, but became aware of her through the publication of numerous news articles about a new program, Operation Code Vet.

(Christine Zien-McCombs receives award from F.A.C.E. President, Bill Van Horn.)

Christine noticed a common thread of veterans with code violations they were unable to take care of themselves.  She decided to go above and beyond and do something about it.  It took some time, but in 2017 Operation Code Vet was launched to help military veterans whose homes or property have fallen into disrepair.  Operation Code Vet is a partnership with different government agencies, non-profit organizations, and businesses that provide volunteers, equipment, and other resources to fix home and yard problems that otherwise could lead to citations and fines.


What Christine is doing is one of the reasons the Huskey Award was created.  Google provides a plethora of examples of how she exceeds the expectations of her job, going beyond normal job duties and by doing so continues the advancement of our profession. The positive impact Christine introduces in the lives of the faces behind her cases is empowering, especially with those that may feel life's challenges are more than they themselves can handle.  It is refreshing to see our profession being promoted through the media, as a positive public service experience rather than a negative enforcement experience.

Thank you Christine Zien-McCombs for the amazing work you do and the care and compassion that you show for others!

The Joseph V. Huskey Officer of the Year Award


Joseph V Huskey

Joseph V. Huskey founded The Florida Association of Code Enforcement (F.A.C.E.) in 1989. He was the Association's first President and envisioned an organization that would promote and advance the profession and practice of Code Enforcement in Florida. Mr. Huskey held the office of President during 1990/1991. The following year the Joseph V. Huskey Award was established to recognize a code enforcement officer who exceeded what was expected of him/her; One who went beyond the normal job duties and by doing so helped to continue the advancement of our profession. In 2018 the award was renamed to the Joseph V. Huskey Officer of the Year Award to recognize the important contributions of the person receiving the award.  This prestigious recognition has so far been awarded to 21 code enforcement officials. Each has been proud to carry on the vision of Mr. Huskey.


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