Become a Trainer

Interested in becoming a FACE Trainer?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a F.A.C.E. Trainer? Do you like to present? Do you want to enhance your skills & career opportunities? Are you certified in at least one F.A.C.E. level?  The Trainer Mentoring Program Overview details the different trainer levels and describes how the mentoring program works.

All of the prerequisites are listed in the Trainer's Career Path. If you have met the prerequisites and would like to become an Assistant Trainer, please complete the application below and submit it, along with any accompanying documents, to

Please direct any questions you have about this process, through the Contact Us page. You will be contacted by a representative of the F.A.C.E. Education/Certification Committee once your application has been reviewed.

Thank you for your interest and involvement!

  • Trainer Application
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  • FACE Career Path
  • FACE Trainer Mentoring Program Overview