Officers and Committees

The Board of Directors invites all Members to become active in our organization.   There are a variety of ways to serve, including becoming an Officer of the Board of Directors or serving on a Committee.



Each year, there are six positions to be filled on the Board of Directors. Each seat is assigned a function essential to the operation of the Association.  Please contact the Past President if you would like to nominate yourself or someone else to serve as an officer.  F.A.C.E. Officers are elected at the Annual Conference.  Voting delegate forms can be found in the INTERFACE.

Duties of Officers:

President- The President shall be directly responsible for the supervision and guidance of the affairs of this Association and shall preside over all meetings of F.A.C.E. The President shall enforce the By-Laws of this Association and perform other duties that would be recognized as being part of the office.

1st Vice President – The primary duty of the 1st Vice President shall be to chair the Program Committee that coordinates and executes the annual conference. This is a 3 year commitment as the First Vice President moves to the Presidency and then serves as Immediate Past President.

2nd Vice President –The primary duties of the 2nd Vice President shall be to chair the Certification and Education Committee.

3rd Vice President –The primary duty of the 3rd Vice President shall be to chair the Membership Committee. This position shall involve a continuous effort and drive throughout the year in order to attract and maintain active and associate members. This position shall maintain a current list of active, associate, retired and honorary members.  This position shall also serve as editor of the Newsletter.

Secretary – The Secretary shall keep and maintain an accurate record of the proceedings of all official meetings and the names of all members appointed to committees and their functions.

Treasurer – The Treasurer shall be the custodian of the Association's money and property.  The Treasurer shall keep all financial records of this Association and chair the Finance and Budget Committee.

Sergeant-at-Arms – The Sergeant-at-Arms shall maintain order during all meetings and functions of this Association. The Sergeant-at-Arms shall be Chairman of the Legislative and Judicial Review Committee that coordinates lobbying
efforts with our Lobbyist.


Appointment: The President shall, whenever necessary and appropriate, appoint special committees to perform specific and limited duties. The President shall, with input from committee chairs, also appoint members not otherwise designated herein to the following standing committees: Finance and Budget, Certification, Legislative and Judicial Review, Program, and Membership.

Tenure: The tenure of each special committee shall be for the duration of the specific duty assigned to it, but shall not extend beyond the end of the F.A.C.E. fiscal year in which the particular committee was appointed, except that any special committee may be continued the following year by the succeeding President. Standing committees have specific functions and are appointed at the pleasure of the President to serve until the end of the F.A.C.E. fiscal year unless the succeeding President continues their services for another year.

Duties of Standing Committees:

The Program Committee shall meet as necessary and shall be responsible to the Board of Directors for the development and presentation of programs for the ensuing year.

The Certification Committee shall promulgate rules and regulations pertaining to testing, certification, recertification, and award of the designation of Code Enforcement Professional (CEP). The committee shall meet as often as necessary to attain those goals.

The Membership Committee shall meet as necessary and shall be responsible for the active recruitment of new members and the retention of present members.

The Finance and Budget Committee shall meet at least once yearly during the last quarter of the F.A.C.E. fiscal year to prepare and present a proposed budget to the Board of Directors for the ensuing F.A.C.E. fiscal year.

The Legislative and Judicial review Committee will meet as necessary and is responsible for the review of state statutes and of ordinances throughout the State of Florida which pertain to Code Enforcement. Their ultimate responsibility lies in finding the most efficient and effective laws in place and working toward the establishment of these laws on a statewide basis. This Committee shall also propose amendments to the By-Laws for transmission to the Board of Directors.

Special Committees include the Historian and Webmaster Committee.