Robert “Bob” Hamilton Scholarship

Robert Hamilton Scholarship

Robert L. Hamilton (Bob) served as the volunteer general counsel to the Florida Association of Code Enforcement for 26 years.  Bob refused to accept payment for his counsel, until a compromise was finally reached between himself and the current Board.

In lieu of a salary or even gifts, Bob requested that F.A.C.E. set up a scholarship fund for a member to attend the annual training conference.  The next year The Robert Hamilton Scholarship was born.

The scholarship provides one conference attendee a full scholarship, which includes hotel accommodations, to the next annual training conference. All registered conference attendees are automatically entered into the annual drawing held during the conference.

Previous winners include:

  • Samantha Norris, City of Gainesville for the 2018 Conference
  • Daniel Garcia, City of Daytona Beach for the 2017 Conference
  • John Markee for the 2016 Conference