2018/2019 Elections


It’s that time once again for Nominations for the F.A.C.E. Board of Directors.  Currently F.A.C.E. is seeking volunteers for the following positions: 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Below you will find each candidates bio and qualifications.  Nominations are still being accepted, so please contact Past President, Leslie Banta if you are interested in running for office.


Elections will be held during the 2018 Conference on June 21, 2018 between 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. at the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa located at 3030 Holiday Dr., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316.  Each jurisdiction receives one vote and must choose a delegate to vote at the conference.   The Delegate form is available on the website and in the INTERFACE.  Return the designation form to Joe Petrick, by mail (no later than June 8, 2018) or Fax (no later than June 15, 2018).  Forms will be available at the Legislative Committee table during the Conference, but it is preferred that forms are mailed in ahead of time.  Delegates do not have to attend the conference to vote, however we do hope to see you all at the Conference.


1st Vice - Cindy Drake

1st Vice - Susan Stone

2nd Vice - Michael Hauserman

3rd Vice - Lily Ramcharran

Secretary - Dorothy Hird

Sgt. at Arms - Dwayne Johnson

Sgt. at Arms - Mitch Posner

Treasurer - Michelle Forstrom


Only voting delegates or alternates may cast ballots for election of officers. The election shall be conducted by secret ballot during the annual conference prior to the annual business meeting under such rules and at such times as may be established by the Board of Directors.

In order to be elected, a candidate must receive the most votes cast.
There shall be no proxy or absentee ballots.

The Sergeant at Arms shall maintain a list of the primary voting delegates and alternates and supervise the registration of voting delegates and alternates. By majority vote, The Board of Directors may retain the services of an outside person, firm or organization not associated with F.A.C.E. to supervise the casting of ballots, and tabulation of election results for presentation at the annual business meeting.

In case of a tie vote, the election shall be decided by the flip of a coin, U.S. currency, conducted by the President or, in the absence of the same, by the immediate Past President.

Please contact Sergeant-at-Arms, Joe Petrick, with any questions regarding the election process or delegate form.


Elections will take place on Thursday, June 21st, and results will be announced that night at the Banquet.


F.A.C.E. would like to thank the Nominating Committee,  Leslie Banta, Michael Titmuss and Joe Fenton, for their service.