2017 By-Laws Amendment Passes

As our organization continues to grow, the Legislative and Judicial committee continues to review our by-laws and make proposals to the by-laws in order to best serve the membership. In May 2017 the Committee presented a written petition to the Board of Directors for a change in the "Terms of Office" section of the By-Laws.  The Board approved the change proposing a two-year term for Secretary, and Treasurer beginning in 2018, and 2nd Vice President, 3rd Vice President and Sergeant at Arms beginning in 2019.  The change was then presented to the membership for a vote.  All votes were counted and the By-Law Amendment passed as shown below:

This change is a positive step for F.A.C.E. as it will allow for more consistency in the Board and eliminate the possibility of an entire new Board.   The changes will give the opportunity for those serving in their respective positions to serve the members better by allowing extra time to become familiar with their roles on the Board. Each position is very important within the Board and with this change, the elected individual utilizes his/her tenure best to serve the members with the experience obtained during the first year.

You can read the full version of the 2017-By-Laws here.

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